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Alabama Splash Adventure Water Park

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About The Theme Park

Splash Adventure was known originally as Visionland, and a few years later, Alabama Adventure, with Splash Beach Water Park as a significant part of it. It was only last year when its owners decided to cease the operation of the amusement rides and loose the name Visionland and focus solely on the water-themed park, and hence Splash Adventure was born.

Splash Adventure is one of the most popular attractions in the state of Alabama. It offers exceptional fun and enjoyment, more particularly during the summertime. Guests relish in this amazing place, in which they refer to as a place that has everything you need at an amazingly low price!

Age group – there is something for all ages but many rides appear to have at least 42″ height requirement so it may not be the best place for toddlers.

Parental concerns – Attractions are well watched by life guards (however, it always helps to still supervise your children yourself).

Facilities and services available:

  • stroller rentals
  • locker rentals
  • baby changing and nursing areas
  • ATM machines
  • wheelchair rentals
  • First aid stations
  • Lost child center
  • Gift and souvenir shop

How long will you need to see it all – you should have no problem doing everything you want to do in one day. Remember though, some days can be a lot busier than others (like Saturdays) so lines can get a little long at times. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are less busy days.

Food services – burgers, chicken nuggets and sandwiches, hot dogs, chicken wings, corn dogs, ice cream, popcorn, funnel cake, etc. Some eateries have kid’s meals as well.

Hours – hours vary depending on the day and where we are in the season. Check the website for more information.

Parking – large parking lot. Get there early for the best spots!

Attractions and Rides

This water park is quite large and has some amazing thrill rides including:

UpSurge! – This is a 216ft. flume which takes its riders up and then down a perpendicular half pipe, which then ends in a cool pool filled with 25,000 gallons of water.

Castaway Island – Formerly known as Tower Works, this is an interactive water fun and play construction with a neat dump bucket.

Splashdown – This offers the so-called toilet bowl ride, which sends riders twisting and turning while inside a bowl and then flushes them down to a splash pool.

Neptune’s Plunge – This features four dark, enclosed tubes with vertiginous twists as well as turns, ending in a big splash. You need to be at least 4’2” in height to be able to experience this crazy ride.

Mist-ical Maze – A labyrinth filled with booby traps with trigger water chutes.

Salamander Bay – Formerly known as Quarry Bay. This is a great water-based attraction for kids and it features a man made rock quarry, swings, slides, and waterfalls for children to explore as well as enjoy.

Kahuna Waves – This is a remarkable wave pool with waves reaching 4 feet in height! Back then the place features real beach sand; however, now it is just in plain concrete. Nonetheless, it still offers an exceptional experience.

Warrior River – An extremely thrilling yet, at the same time, relaxing ride as you are propelled onto a seemingly endless river which is surrounded on every side by caves and wet surprises. This is the ideal ride for people who fancy thrills as well as challenges.

Acapulco Drop – A free fall drop slide which is 9 stories high.

Zip Line – A great addition to the park. This wonderful zip line travels all across the Splash Adventure.

Water Adventure Course – This is a water-based obstacle course.

These are the attractions in the water park that all visitors can try out and enjoy. So, for your next summer vacation, consider Splash Adventure since this place is sure to please!

Alabama Adventure Tickets

Price – approximately $25 per person for the day. You can also buy a season pass for $45.99. Parking is an extra fee of $7 and you can get a season pass for parking for $29.99. Group discounts are available. All sales are final. Can buy passes online or at the gate and all major credit cards and cash are accepted.

Alabama Adventure Coupons and Discounts

There are a number of different ways to get coupons and discounts when you plan on going to Splash Adventure:

  • Group discounts are available by checking out their website for details.
  • Some of the restaurants in Birmingham has them available – try McDonalds!
  • Follow them on their Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages and you will usually be notified of discounts.
  • Sometimes, on their website where you can buy tickets online, there is an exclusive online sale price.
  • As soon as you get to your hotel, inquire at the front desk or find Splash Adventures pamphets in the lobby which sometimes have some good deals inside them.

Hotels Near Alabama Adventure

There are a number of hotels that are fairly close to Splash Adventure including the following below. Click the hotel name to get more information and book a room:

About the area

– Bessemer, AL is a small city just on the outskirts of Birmingham. Besides this park, there are many other things you can do including shopping, visiting historic places like the Downtown Bessemer National Historic District, Bassemer Hall of History, the Owen Plantation House and more.

Tips and More Info:

  • Close to shopping areas.
  • Nice warm water in the slides, etc which make it very pleasant.
  • Good fast food nearby if you don’t want to pay a little extra for park food or the food places in the park are too busy. You can leave the park at anytime during the day and get back in for free if you have a hand stamp.
  • Parents – in front of the kahuna waves for a good shade area while waiting for your children to enjoy their slide.

After you are done here, check out another great place called Water World in Dothan, AL.


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